We are pleased to announce our upcoming workshop “Interfacing theory and experiment for reliable double-beta decay matrix element calculations" to be held at TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada on May 11-13, 2016. 

Very broadly the program will focus on

- The latest theoretical developments in ab initio double-beta decay matrix element calculations

- Understanding the connection between ab initio approaches and the conventional shell model and other theoretical approaches (GCM, QRPA, IBM), as well as connections with ab initio calculations of other electroweak processes

- Identifying the most important experimental quantities for testing the various theoretical methods, to guide future measurement programs

We aim to bring together a mix of junior and senior researchers from both theory and experiment.

The workshop is sponsored by the TRIUMF Physical Sciences Division and Theory Department, and partial local support will be provided. We plan to cover accommodation and catering.  The workshop dinner will be held on Thursday, May 12 at 7:00pm at Café Salade de Fruits.  Further details will be provided during the workshop.

Jason D. Holt, TRIUMF
Jonathan Engel, University of North Carolina
Benjamin Kay, Argonne National Laboratory
Kyle Leach, Colorado School of Mines
Javier Menendez, University of Tokyo